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Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup
Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup

Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature Bass, Black, Maple Board, DiMarzio Pickup

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Player's Perspective

Music Store Live is proud to present this Yamaha Attitude Limited III Billy Sheehan Signature bass!

Whether you're familiar with his brilliant and revolutionary approach to shred-tastic bass playing or not, it's easy to instantly fall in love with this bass. Designed for a guy needs to be able to do anything from laying down a simple groove to mesmerizing two-handed fretboard tapping to melt-your-face off lead licks at break-neck lightning speeds. Every evolution of the Attitude bass has been based off of real world experiences from a guy who has played literally thousands of arena/stadium gigs and recorded on hundreds, if not thousands, of massively successful records. And guess what - whether he's in a stadium playing for 50,000 people or in a studio recording with just a producer, he uses the same bass. 

The neck pickup, designed to emulate a vintage Gibson EB-0 pickup, is woofy and sounds massive. You can achieve the biggest, roundest, wooliest bass tone you've ever imagined out of this. But don't worry, it will remain clear and still somehow doesn't get muddy. To add in some of that hi-mid range grind along with tight and punchy lows, Sheehan chose the DiMarzio WillPower P-bass pickup in the middle. It's got high output and a powerful mid-range that will slice right through a dense mix. Playing with 3 guitarists all using heavy distortion, 2 keyboard players, and the loudest drummer known to mankind? Perfect! This bass will make sure you're heard in all the right ways. It sits in the mix beautifully. And for players who need a bit of an extended range, this also comes with a Hipshot Extender (or detuner) that allows you to drop the E-string down to a low D, C#, heck, even down to a C depending on the gauge you're using. You'll be ready to drop bass bombs all night!

The neck is incredibly fast. To get around and play as fast as Billy does, it has to be. It's super comfortable and familiar to most P-bass players down by the nut and remains fast to maneuver around as you go up the neck. You can get freakishly low action on this bass which allows for that beautiful two-handed tapping technique he's so good at. In between the highest 5 frets of the bass, under the D and G strings, the fretboard is scalloped. An innovative and truly unique idea on bass guitars, this takes literally no time to get accustomed to and allows for huge guitar-like bends way up high. Who says the first five frets are where you make all your money as a bass player? Don't tell Billy Sheehan that!

Item Details

Billy Sheehan’s legendary Attitude is reborn. Hand-crafted in Yamaha Music Craft, Attitude Limited 3 features Billy’s sound taken to a new level, with refined characteristics. Available in sensational Sonic Blue and Attitude classic Black. Attitude’s low-end is powerful and bold, yet tight and controlled. The highs are clear and musical and the mid drives with a power rarely heard. The latest technology, including our spline jointed body and exclusive ARE and IRA wood treatments together with newly designed pickups and a totally reworked neck joint make this bass something else. And with Billy’s involvement every step of the way, playability is like no other guitar. It’s clearly an Attitude, but it’s an Attitude like you’ve never heard it before.

Overall Condition

This Yamaha Attitude Limited III bass is brand new, in pristine mint condition, with absolutely no nicks, scratches, or blemishes of any kind and is being sold by an authorized dealer.


  • Yamaha Attitude Limited III  
  • Billy Sheehan Signature Series
  • Black
  • Alder Body
  • Maple Neck
  • Maple Fretboard 
  • Scalloped Fretboard On Highest 5 Frets Under D and G Strings
  • 21 Frets
  • Yamaha Custom Woofer Neck Pickup
  • DiMarzio WillPower Middle Pickup
  • 10" Radius
  • 2 Output Jacks - send both pickups out of just one output or split them up to send individual pickup signals 
  • Solid Brass Bridge
  • New Bolt-On Neck Design - creates a tighter fit of the neck and body than ever before
  • Controls: Front Volume, Front Tone, Rear Volume, Woofer Hi Cut Switch
  • Hipshot Extender/Detuner on E-String
  • White Pearloid Pickguard
  • Yamaha Hardshell Case
  • Instrument Weight: 9.4 lbs

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