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  1. Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 1 2H FR, in Snow White, 2967001576

    Ready and waiting for the fleet-fingered guitarist, the Charvel® Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 1 2H FR is a slick performer with features and sound every guitarist will appreciate. Born from a love of high-speed playing and smooth style, this fun-in-the-sun guitar is packed with the classic playability and innovative design elements that have made Charvel ...
  2. Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature, Birdseye Maple Top

    Let's start with the neck. It's "caramelized" flame maple, which means it's been baked in a special way to enhance stability and tone. It also gives it a darker look that you won't see on other necks. There are graphite reinforcement rods for even more stability. You can take this thing into totally different climates, and chances are the neck won'...
  3. Charvel San Dimas Style 1 HS, HT, Maple Fingerboard Black

    Player's Perspective

    The Charvel San Dimas Style 1 HS HT was designed to be your go-to rock and metal machine. This guitar has everything it needs and nothing it doesn't. High quality components, a deadly fast neck and a perfectly designed bridge. It gives you all of these to...

  4. Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature Electric Guitar, Flame Maple, B-Stock

    As a preeminent modern virtuoso, U.K. guitar master Guthrie Govan dazzles all who hear him. After two years in meticulous development working closely with the man himself, Charvel is profoundly pleased to introduce the ultimate ultra-pro guitar—the Guthrie Govan Signature model. With so many special features and high-performance appointments, it'...
  5. Charvel Pro-Mod So-Cal Style 1 HH Electric Guitar, Specific Ocean, 2967000549

    Player's Perspective

    This is the type of guitar that doesn't beat around the bush. Two great pickups, a fast but comfortable neck, a Floyd Rose, and great build quality. I love the feel of high-octane axes like this. It's built for speed and lots of gain, sure, but there's st...

  6. Charvel Pro Mod San Dimas HH Style 1, Slime Green, Floyd Rose

    • Alder body 
    • Quartersawn Maple neck with compound 12"-16” radius
    • 22 jum...
  7. Charvel Warren DeMartini Signature Blood and Skull Pro Mod Electric Guitar

    • Charvel Warren DeMartini Signature Snake Pro Mod
    • Blood and Skull
    • Alder Body 
    • Maple Neck
    • Maple Fretboard
    • 12"-16" Compound Fretboard Radi...
  8. Charvel PM SD1 HH HT Snow White, 2966003576


    The birthplace of many legendary guitarists, Southern California is also home to one of the original innovators of high performance guitars—Charvel®. Combining versatile tone and eye-catching style with breakneck performance and ultra-slick playability, th...
  9. Charvel Guthrie Govan HSH Caramelized Ash Signature Guitar, Roasted Flame Maple Neck and Fretboard

    • Charvel Guthrie Govan Signature Caramelized Ash
    • Thin Satin Lacquer Finish
    • Swamp Ash Body
    • Roasted Caramelized Flame Maple Neck and Fingerboard
    • Graphite Reinforcement Neck Rods
Set Descending Direction

20 per page

15 Item(s)

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