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One Control Strawberry Red Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal
One Control Strawberry Red Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal One Control Strawberry Red Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal

One Control Strawberry Red Overdrive Guitar Effect Pedal


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Input impedance: 390K

Output impedance: 50K
Drive voltage: 9V~18V
Current consumption: 10,7mA
S/N ratio: -90dB
Size: 39Wx100Dx31H mm (excluding protruding parts)
    47Wx100Dx48H mm (including protruding parts)

Manufacturer's Description

A new classic is born

It has been several decades since the effector called “overdrive” was first launched. How many overdrive pedals have been created since then?

Now the overdrive is going beyond the scope of an effector and advancing into the sphere of guitar amps.

The One Control Strawberry Red Over Drive is not an imitation of the sound created by existing equipment. No matter how great or high quality the equipment is, once you start targeting a sound, it ends up being a simulator. While you need sublime spirit to develop an advanced simulator, it cannot become a true original overdrive pedal.

The development of the Strawberry Red Over Drive is such that guitarists from all genres have started to demand it. Thus, it is important that this becomes indispensable equipment for any guitarist.
Guitars and guitar amps are necessary equipment for all guitarists. In particular, high-end guitar amps should be longed for by all guitarists.

So, what if we can offer an overdrive that is equipped with all the necessary sound attributes to become a high-end guitar amp? When you say a high-quality guitar amp, every model has a different sound. However, there are common sound attributes that are recognized as “good sound” across all guitar amps. BJF, who designed the circuit for the Strawberry Red  Over Drive completely understands this.

These attributes are:

・Pedals that stimulate the core of the guitar sound
・able to output the sound that guitarists want for any guitar and any amps
・maximizing the attributes of other equipment including guitars, amps, and effectors
・covering everything from completely clean to strong distortion
・able to fully pick up all the expressions that a player manually creates
・able to adjust subtle sounds

We could not compromise on these requirements in developing the Strawberry Red Over Drive.

The Strawberry Red Over Drive can control everything with a single Drive knob from a complete clean boost to low gain bluesy overdrive, powerful hard overdrive and to even more powerful distortion.  

If you keep the drive at the minimum level, it becomes a clean booster, with which you can get the maximum +6dB boost with a Volume knob.

If you reset the gain, you can reduce the gain immediately if you turn down the guitar volume without moving the Drive knob. If you turn of the Drive on the Strawberry Red Over Drive and turn down the guitar volume, you can get a clean sound that is rich in harmonic overtones and a thick and sensitive beautiful sound at the same time. This will remind you of the supreme one volume tune amp. 

Its quick response also draws the maximum attributes of guitars and amps even when the gain is set to high. Actively using the pickup select switch will allow variation in the sound expression in a more meaningful way.

Highly responsive and highly dynamic range overdrive pedals can sometimes create a sound that is hard to deal with. The Strawberry Red Over Drive creates a sound that is easy to deal with, while responding dynamically to the guitar operation because it never loses the core of the guitar sound and is dense and stable at its center of gravity.

Guitar amps are originally made to create a sound that makes the player feel good. The Red Strawberry Over Drive, with any amp, can create a sound that is sought after by guitarists. This reflects the fact that the Strawberry Red Over Drive has the attributes that are common among high-end guitar amps.

The treble control of the Red Strawberry Over Drive is an active tone that can control mid-treble in the range between -3dB and +6dB. If you turn down the treble, it can adjust the range between 70Hz and 7KHz and if you set the treble to high, you can boost it to between 700Hz and 7KHz easily.
Because of these attributes, you can adjust the sound from the gorgeous distortion that augments the harmonic overtone to warm tones that reduce the treble. No matter what level you set it at, it won’t create any extreme sound and you will have the freedom to create any elaborate sound by taking advantage of the knob variability.

The Strawberry Red Over Drive has the Low Cut trim pot ready right next to the output terminal which will enable you to cut out the low-end.
While the Strawberry Red Over Drive meets the demands of guitar amp users for a tight low end sound, some users might feel the low coming out stronger than others due to the characteristics of their guitars, amps or the speakers they use. In that case, you can adjust the trim pot to cut the low end to simplify the sound.
Its ability to cut the range from 19Hz to 170Hz down to a maximum -6dB could avoid the possible hollowness that could be a side effect of this.
You adjust it while fixing it to the pedal board so that you can check the sound immediately.
*If you want to move the trim pot, turn off (or bypass) the Red Strawberry Over Drive to avoid any unexpected noise.

● Usability as an effector
No matter how great the overhead drive you can make, if it requires specific plugs and its size is the same as the normal amp headphone, that would narrow the player basis.
One Control introduced its unique super compact cut-out aluminum case for the Strawberry Red Over Drive. This allows it to be space-saving even when it’s set up on the pedal board.
Its small size with incredible long lasting battery power will not limit the place of its use. You can enjoy the sound of the Strawberry Red Over Drive anytime, anywhere. When it’s powered by an adapter, it supports between 9-18V. You will be able to enjoy even more dynamic range and stereo sound when you use it at a higher voltage.

●Driving tune amps
The Strawberry Red Over Drive has a sound that is common among high quality amps. If the Strawberry Red Over Drive is used in a tube amp, you can emphasize the benefit of the amp even further and attain the ultimate drive. The Red Strawberry Over Drier matches British style amps completely and expands the potential of the amp EQ selection even further. You can also put the sound forward freely and enhance the resolution of the sound. If you are using a stacking amp, this might flatten the sound when you raise the gain on the amp, but you can get a high resolution sound with the same gain by pushing the gain on the Strawberry Red Over Drive to keep the gain low enough on the amp. The Low-Cut control would be effective and could adjust the balance of the sound. 

For American style amps, it can push the amp by increasing the gain while not losing the bright shine of the amp. While these types of amps tend to have stronger treble, the Strawberry Red Over Drive can balance the level of the tone properly with its Treble Control. The Strawberry Red Over Drive enables the distortion sound that tightly combines sounds, which is hard to create with American style classic amps.

The Strawberry Red Over Drive also does great work when used in combination with modern high gain amps. You might think the overdrive is unnecessary as the amp itself realizes distortion but you can attain an even higher resolution sound when you combine the bass response of the Strawberry Red Over Drive and Low Cut Control and Treble Controls.
If you combine the gain of the Strawberry Red Over Drive and the gain of amps, you can maintain the powerful high gain  while keeping down the saturated tune by lowering the gain on the amp, and further push the sound to the front.

●Driving transistor amp
The attributes that are required for truly high quality guitar amps remain the same for both vacuum tubes and transistors.

Even though the amp does not have those attributes, you can still realize tones that only skilled players can make and attain the utmost quality that amps and guitars can offer by utilizing the sound attributes that the Strawberry Red Over Drive can create that are similar to high quality guitar amps.
If you use a transistor amp with larger speakers, you can get a sound with a powerful charge and mass just like the sound created by the combination of high power amps and large cabinets. And the Strawberry Red Over Drive’s unique compression gives tube amp like attributes to transistor amps as well. You can create a solid and deep drive sound that is unheard of among conventional transistor amps when using with an 18V adapter.

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