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  1. Pigtronix Keymaster REM Dual True Bypass Fx Loop Series/Parallel

    Player's Perspective Music Store Live is proud to present this NEW Pigtronix Keymaster REM! It would seem that if you have a problem, the Pigtronix Keymaster has the solution. Answering the prayers of musicians and sound engineers everywhere, the Keymaster solves re-amping issues in the studio, lets players blend different effects that they al
  2. CopperSound Telegraph Stutter - Hand Operated Killswitch, No Toggle Switch, Standard Finish

    HAND OPERATED Stutter (killswitch) If Samuel Morse built killswitches. This Bare Metal Finish Telegraph Stutter encompasses one of the most simple audio effects in the most unique looking package. When the key is in its traditional resting position (up), audio is passed through fully unaffected. When the key is pressed (down), the audio is fully
  3. CopperSound Dual Tap [Strymon + NC] Guitar Effects Pedal, Relic'd Black/White

    The Coppersound Dual Tap NC with Strymon Controls the tempo of 2 effects simultaneously with this utility pedal Relic'd Black on White finish.

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  4. CopperSound Stutter Killswitch, Relic'd Black/White

    The Coppersound Stutter Killswitch Foot operated killswitch. Relic'd Black on White finish.
Brands: Z to A

20 per page

16 Item(s)

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