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Effects - Stagg - Supro - Positive Grid - M-Audio - Neo Instruments - Dr. Z Amplification

Effects - Stagg - Supro - Positive Grid - M-Audio - Neo Instruments - Dr. Z Amplification

Our mission is to empower and inspire a lifelong journey in music.

Stagg is dedicated to providing accessible and reliable musical instruments and accessories to all levels of musicians.

Established in Belgium in 1995, Stagg gets you playing.

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M-Audio is one of the most revered names in music computer interface and studio integration solutions, keyboard and controller products, and essential musical hardware from microphones to studio monitors.

M-Audio was founded in 1988 under the name of Midiman. The company was originally engaged in designing software and hardware solutions designed to address the challenges of connecting MIDI, audio, and computers together in a system in order to facilitate the composition and production of electronically-based music.

In 2000, MIDIman debuted the name “M-Audio” for their latest line of audio products. They enjoyed consistent growth from both the MIDI interface and audio hardware categories. In 2002, the first of the famous Oxygen series keyboards hit the market, establishing the important new category of portable keyboard controller.

The company continued to expand, with an ever-growing product line distinguished by sophisticated engineering with an emphasis on versatility and usability. M-Audio now offers state-of-the-art products in a wide range of categories that serve both the amateur and professional musical markets, including MIDI interfaces, keyboard controllers, drum machines, recording monitors and subwoofers, headphones, and microphones.

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  1. Stagg BX-Booster Blaxx Booster Boost Mini Guitar Effects Pedal

    Booster effect pedal for electric guitar Sturdy die-cast metal housing  True bypass  Heavy duty on/off footswitch and LED indicator  Controls for: Gain / Treble / Bass / Volume - 1/4" jack input and output - 9V DC power supply required (not included) or 9V battery with adaptor (not included) Weight: 240g / 8.46oz - Dimensions:
  2. Positive Grid BIAS Distortion Pro Tone Match Distortion Guitar Effects Pedal

    THE WORLD’S FIRST TONE MATCH DISTORTION PEDAL BIAS Distortion is a distortion/overdrive pedal that will give you the best analog sounding distortion tone with cutting edge technology. It allows you to virtually design your own distortion pedal in ways never before possible via BIAS Pedal mobile and desktop app, share and download distortion
  3. Supro Tremolo Guitar Effects Pedal

    Manufacturer's Description Supro releases Analog Harmonic Tremolo pedal December 1, 2016 (Port Jefferson Station, NY) - Supro presents a groundbreaking analog tremolo stompbox designed to recreate two of the most desirable vacuum-tube-based modulation effects found in American amplifiers of the 1960s. The Supro Tremolo's AMPLITUDE / HARMON
  4. Stagg BX-METAL Three Mode Heavy Metal Distortion Pedal

    3-mode 'Metal' guitar effect pedal Sturdy die-cast metal housing - True bypass - Heavy duty on/off footswitch and LED indicator - Controls for: Distortion / Tone / Volume - Metal mode switch: Hi Boost / Boost Cut / Lo Boost - 1/4" jack input and output - 9V DC power supply required (not included) or 9V battery with adaptor (not includ
  5. Stagg PTU-C8 Auto-Chromatic Guitar Bass Instrument Tuner Pedal

    Manufacturer's Description Auto-Chromatic Tuner Pedal for guitar, bass and other music instruments Features Sturdy die-cast metal housing w/ heavy duty on/ off footswitch and LED indicator Large, 39-segment, digital LED display to show octave range and note, tuning accuracy meter, selected pitch and flat tuning status 3x 1/4" jack
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17 Item(s)

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