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Effects - Blackstar - Horizon - EBS

Effects - Blackstar - Horizon - EBS

Since 1988 EBS Sweden AB has been designing and manufacturing professional equipment for bass players. The idea and concept for EBS is to develop and build innovative musical equipment geared towards professional users. 

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  1. Blackstar LT Metal Overdrive/Distortion Pedal, LTMT1

    Player's Perspective Blackstar's LT Metal pedal is the perfect stomp box for high-gain sound, whether you use it for wailing leads or huge riffs down low. The sound is thick and heavy, but always musical. Even at the highest gain settings, the sound retains dynamics and sensitivity. You can expect that sweet and subtle natural compression that
  2. Blackstar LT Drive Overdrive Pedal LTOD1

    Player's Perspective Blackstar's LT Drive pedal is all about warm, natural distortion. It can act simply as a boost, or it can fully saturate your tone into harmonically rich, dynamic gain. Of all the LT series pedals, this one is probably the most tube-like. Blackstar's patent-applied-for clipping circuit provides incredible response. It's th
  3. Blackstar LTDS2 Dual Distortion Pedal LTDS2

    Player's Perspective This LT Dual distortion pedal from Blackstar is essentially two pedals in one. The first channel is a boost. Use it individually to get your tubes into that sweet spot or simultaneously with the Lead channel. The sencond ( Lead ) channel provides heavy, rich distortion that's perfect for screaming leads or chunky riffs dow
  4. Blackstar LT BOOST Boost Pedal LTBT1

    Player's Perspective Blackstar's LT BOOST will give your tone that swift kick in the EQ it needs to cut through. It can work as a simple volume boost, an additional EQ stage, or a way to push your tube amp to its sweet spot. It utilizes a patent-applied-for clipping circuit that matches the response and tone of Blackstar's valve pedals. Simple
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