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Reverbs and Delay - Gurus - Hotone - Abasi Concepts

Reverbs and Delay - Gurus - Hotone - Abasi Concepts

Gurus is the new brand by Guglielmo Cicognani, the famous Italian Engineer who has been designing Cicognani Branded guitar and bass amplifiers for over 25 years. We created a team of young, talented guys for each stage of the project, from Design to marketing, management, R&D, customer care. Our Amps, pedals, and innovative devices, are all handmade in Italy using the best technology, components, design and craftsmanship. We focus our attention on innovation, ever proposing new ideas, in-keeping with today’s musicians, aspiring to fulfil their needs by working closely with them..

Behind Hotone Audio is a group of people passionate about music. We are a highly experienced international team that combines professional expertise with legit artistic spirit. We have one goal in mind: Create hot sonic tools to take your inspiration to the next level. We are motivated by technological innovation, we see excellence in quality as a competitive strength and we believe in outstanding service as the foundation to provide every musician with a sensational experience. As ideas become designs, the Hotone team buckles down to create products the music world has always wanted but never before imagined possible. Expect from Hotone products innovation, ingenuity and always great tone.

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