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  1. Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter Phase Machine

    Player's Perspective

    Music Store Live is proud to present this Earthquaker Devices Grand Orbiter Phase Machine! Every chart topping rock band or artist has at one time or another made use of the all-important phaser pedal. The Rolling Stones, Pi...

  2. Big Joe Stomp Box Company R-408 Raw Series Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal

    Big Joe Stomp Boxes are 100% analog, true bypass tone monsters. Built in the spirit of all the great players who toiled for years in anonymity for the love of their craft, Big Joe pedals embrace the heart and soul of generations of guitar tone. In honor of these great pioneers, Big Joe Williams and image is part of company brand. It inspires us ...

  3. Chase Bliss Audio Wombtone MKII Analog Phaser Guitar Effects Pedal

    The sonic experience of the womb, now in pedal form.

    They just don’t make phasers like they used to. This analog phaser pedal features an all-analog signal path with smooth, vintage tones that harken back to the 70’s while retaining the ability to get plenty weird and psychadelic too. Wombtone mkII has a few upgrades, inclu...

  4. Keeley Dark Side Multi-Effects Guitar Pedal


    You can behold the universe in a glass of wine - We should all be so lucky as to be identified by the sound of a single note. Some players are so well defined that their entire musical journey can be heard in a single note they play. Tone is in the fingers. Tone is in the mind. Effects...

  5. EarthQuaker Grand Orbiter V2 Phase Machine Pedal, EQDGOV2

    Player's Perspective

    The Grand Orbiter is a 4 stage OTA-based phaser with a diverse feature set that can go from stationary and resonant to slow and mellow and on through fast and swirly. It has three way toggle switch to select between the ranges of modulation: Rate 1 is slo...

  6. Earthquaker The Depths

    Player's Perspective

    The Depths is Earthquaker Device's take on the classic optical vibe circuit. It creates pulses in your tone, which delivers a three-dimensional swirling sound. What sets The Depths apart is how natural and musical it is. We come across a lot of effects pe...

  7. Dunlop MXR EVH90 Phase 90

    Player's Perspective

    Music Store Live is proud to present this Dunlop MXR EVH90 Phase 90! MXR wrote the book on phasers, and this EVH90 is basically an upgraded version of the classic Phase 90 that can be heard on ...

  8. Dunlop MXR Phase 90 M101 Effects Pedal

    Item Details

    This device has found its way into many of Eddie Van Halen's recordings, adding a shimmery velocity to lead passages or a more dramatic swoosh to muted strumming. Not just for guitars; it works well with bass, keyboards and even vocals. Vary the speed from a subtle, long cycle to a fas...

  9. Dunlop MXR Phase 90 Vintage CSP026 Effects Pedal

    Item Details

    Often imitated but never duplicated, the elusive vintage "script" Phase 90 is at the top of the list for pedal collector's world-wide. The original version—available from the company's inception to the late 70's—practically defined the classic phase shifter sound, and was h...

  10. Pigtronix EP2 Envelope Phaser Pedal EF / LFO Incredible Tracking

    Player's Perspective

    Music Store Live is proud to present this NEW Pigtronix EP2 Envelope Phaser! When this pedal came out of the box here at Music Store Live, there was almost a total work stoppage. Without even tweaking a knob on it the first ...

  11. Walrus Audio Vanguard Dual Phase Guitar Effect Pedal

    • The Vanguard comes in a copper colored enclosure featuring original artwork of two patrol men on horseback in a post-apocalyptic world. They are stuck between two phases: humanity’s past and humanity’s future. Hear the tension of their existence when you plug in your instrument.
    • Exact size of the hardy enclosure is 5...
Set Descending Direction

20 per page

11 Item(s)

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