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  1. Electro-Harmonix Screaming Bird Treble Booster Guitar Effects Pedal

    Based on the classic design from the '70s, the Screaming Bird treble booster is back to help your sound take new flight. Whether it's overdriving an amp or just adding some serious bite to your sound, this Bird will scream nothing but highs and will make your guitar cut t...

  2. Electro-Harmonix The Silencer Noise Gate/Effect Loop Guitar Pedal

    • Noise gate with built-in effects loop
    • Fine tune the noise gate with Threshold, Reduction, and Release controls
  3. Friedman Sir-Compre Compressor/Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

    • Optical Compressor Pedal.
    • Volume, Treble, Compression and Tight.
    • Wide Range Gain Knob.
    • True Bypass Switching.
    • Powered by 18VDC (no battery)
    • Built in USA (using premium worldwide components)
  4. Darkglass Electronics Limited Edition Joker B7K Analog Bass Preamp Pedal

    The Black Beast

    The Microtubes B7K takes the powerful dynamic saturation circuit of the B3K and adds a four-band equalizer and a balanced line driver for even greater versatility. The artwork of this Limited Edition was done by the talented indian illustrator Acid Toad The finish is a laser engraved natural anodized aluminum unibody.

  5. Darkglass Electronics B7K Bass Overdrive Effect Pedal with Direct Out, Parallel Output, and 4-Band EQ

    The Black Beast

    The Microtubes B7K takes the powerful dynamic saturation circuit of the B3K and adds a four-band equalizer and a balanced line driver for even greater versatility. Designed for both studio and live use, it will take your direct sound to a whole new level.

  6. Aguilar TLC Compressor Guitar & Bass Effects Pedal

    The TLC Compressor® is designed to give musicians the ability to control their dynamics in a flexible and musical way, making it an invaluable musical tool for both recording and live use. Our proprietary Trans Linear Control (TLC) circuit enables us to achieve unprecedented levels of performance in a small package.

    The TLC Compresso...

  7. Origin Effects Cali76-TX Transformer Compressor Limiting Amplifier Guitar Effects Pedal

    The original “pimped” Cali76. Transformer circuitry offers harmonic rich tone, plus extra connectivity options. For guitar, bass, and vocals via your DAW!

    The 1176 is a much loved, premium quality studio compressor and in many ways is the “industry standard” vintage studio compressor. The primary motivation for ...

  8. Carl Martin Quattro Analog Multi-Effect Guitar Pedal

    Manufacturers Description

    With classic guitar tone disappearing down the road of digital modeling amps and effects, Carl Martin is proud to introduce the Quattro….four of the most popular Carl Martin effects in one package.
    The Quattro begins wi...

  9. Keeley Compressor Pro Professional Studio Guitar Effect Pedal


    Keeley Compressor Pro. The stomp-box sized compressor/limiter is made in Oklahoma, USA and engineered to be an indispensable tool for your musical endeavors. It is in no way limited to be used with only guitar. It has been designed to work as a studio compressor accepting any range of inputs and a frequency...

  10. Keeley Tone Workstation Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal


    The 2016 Keeley Tone Workstation - Ten years ago we invented and built a small batch of the Tone Workstation, which then moved into the hands of famous players and collectors. John Mayer recently took two of the originals out on the Dead & Company tour. For 2016 it’s more than a re-release; i...

  11. Keeley Bassist Compressor and Limiting Amplifier Guitar Effects Pedal


    Bass Compression - The Keeley Bassist Compressor provides true high-fidelity compression and limiting. Be heard and felt using performance compression by Keeley Engineering.

    The Bassist Compressor is built around the exotic and extremely high fidelity THAT Corp. 4320....

  12. Keeley Electronics 4-Knob Compressor Guitar Pedal

    All of our 44,000+ of our Keeley 4 Knob Compressors have been built in the USA. It’s been at home on stages, the studio, churches, as well as bars and bedrooms! The Keeley Compressor was given the Editor’s Pick Award from Guitar Player’s Magazine and recently awarded Reader’s Choice for Stomp Box Compression.

  13. Catalinbread SFT Ampeg AMP Emulation Pedal

    Player's Perspective

    When we originally set out on our quest to make the best Bass overdrive ever, we never imagined that it could also sound so amazing with guitar – but then we got to thinking about some of the classic late '60s/early '70s 'Ya-Yas' era tones and thoug...

  14. Catalinbread RAH Royal Albert Hall Pedal

    Player's Perspective

    In January 1970 Led Zeppelin hit the stage of London's historic concert hall, Royal Albert Hall. At this performance Jimmy Page expressed himself masterfully with a broad pallet of tones and GIANT dynamic range. Of course this has a lot to do with Page's ...

  15. TC Helicon VoiceTone T1

    Player's Perspective

    Music Store Live is proud to present this TC Helicon VoiceTone T1! This is an invaluable tool for singers. If offers studio-quality balancing and EQ, but in a stomp box you can take anywhere. It features a multi-band EQ and ...

  16. Earthquaker Tone Job

    Player's Perspective

    Music Store Live is proud to present this Earthquaker Devices Tone Job! The Tone Job is good for what ails you. Need to re-voice those pickups a bit? It can help you do that. Want a little help getting that overdrive pedal t...

  17. Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret, Marshall Inspired Pedal

    Player's Perspective

    Introducing the new Dirty Little Secret from Catalinbread. The Dirty Little Secret has earned itself a well-deserved reputation for replicating the sound and feel of a classic era Marshall amplifier, supplying one of the most iconic guitar sounds in music...

Set Descending Direction

20 per page

18 Item(s)

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