Mesa Boogie CabClone: The Smallest Cab You’ve Ever Used

mesa_boogie_cabclone_8_ohm_ac.cc8_di_box_cab_cabinet_black_1799011Have you seen the new CABCLONE™ from our friends over at Mesa Boogie? Well, if not, you should check out this great new addition to the Mesa Boogie line. CABCLONE™, a passive Cabinet Simulator/Speaker+Mic alternative with a built-in Amp Load, provides a direct interface to the input of a mixing console, microphone preamp or even direct to your converters (recorder) with or without the need for a speaker cabinet from your guitar amp’s speaker output. Perfect for that late night practice sesh or whenever you want to play without others listening, CABCLONE™ is a Compensated Headphone Driver that delivers a great sounding, great feeling headphone-friendly version of your amp’s Tone.

Featuring an internal (resistive type) load that can also be defeated, the CABCLONE can be used to capture a direct signal either with or without a live speaker connected to the amplifier. The CABCLONE is designed for amps rated at 150-Watts or less and our standard format is for 8 OHMs but is also available are 4 OHM and 16 OHM versions

mesa_boogie_cabclone_8_ohm_ac.cc8_di_box_cab_cabinet_black_1799011-2The Front Panel features an adjustable D.I. (OUTPUT) LEVEL control that accommodates a wide range of destination input requirements ranging from MIC (-30dB) to INSTRUMENT LEVEL (-10dB) to Pro LINE LEVEL (+4DB) and anywhere in between. This adjustable pot allows you to fine tune the signal strength for virtually any kind of live or recording environment. Additionally there is a VOICING switch giving you three popular choices, open back, closed back and vintage, for the style of Speaker Cabinet simulated.Within these three selectable Voicing positions you‘ll find the ability to tune the CABCLONE’s response to work well for almost any sound style.

A PHASE FLIP switch is also provided to allow swapping of the phase 180 degrees when blending the CABCLONE signal with other sources in recording or live environments.

unnamedAnd last but definitely not least, we’ve included one of the best features of all on the CABCLONE… the HEADPHONES Output. This jack allows you to enjoy the sonic shaping and great feel of the CABCLONE’s DIRECT BALANCED OUT through a set of quality headphones for personal entertainment with your favorite amplifier. At last you can play through your amp (big or little) “silently” late at night when the rest of the world is asleep and still have that beautiful Tube Tone and a bouncy feel. Add some Delay and Reverb in your amp’s Loop and you’ll be lost in a world of fat, rich, expressive guitar-bliss for hours. Whether for “direct” live performance, recording or just personal enjoyment of your favorite tube-amp with headphones, the CABCLONE is a great sounding and feeling tool for any guitarist needing to capture great amp sounds quickly and easily. Wanna learn more? Check out the CABCLONE™ in action with one of these great videos with guitarist Johnny A as well as the Hungarian groove metal band Ektomorf. Like what you hear? Good news the CABCLONE is on the way to MusicStoreLive.com so contact us here to get your name on one today!