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Hey string slinger,


Where would you be if you hadn't found music? My name is Paul Comegno and I am the head guitar tech here at Music Store Live. When I was 15 years old, I picked up my dad's old Yamaha FG-110 acoustic and began learning a few chords. Nothing serious, just something to do during those lazy schooless summers. The following winter I broke my thumb skiing on my first run of the season. I was lying around the house with a whole lot of teenage angst building up and feeling very depressed. I remember constantly duct taping a pick to my cast and strumming ferociously for hours on end. By the time my cast came off I was hooked. I dove head first into the guitar world like a student at spring break plunging from a third story balcony into the pool! (Only much more sober.) That beat up old acoustic helped me get through an especially hard winter during a difficult period in any kid's life. Not to mention the countless teenage landslides that were to come. To this day, my dad's old Yamaha is still the first guitar I pick up after an especially long day. It continues to play great and will serve me with a lifetime of memories and inspiration.


Thanks to my family, friends, bandmates, and employers here at Music Store Live, I have been blessed with the opportunity and skills to bring that same relief and therapy to others. With your help we can inspire the lives of people that simply need a little boost. Please join me and the MSL team this year and give the gift of music. Donate your old Squire, Teisco, Univox, or no name brand guitar that you haven't tuned in years, be it acoustic, electric, or bass. We're not picky. We will spruce them up, get them into playable shape and donate them to people who want a guitar but might not have the resources to get it. Even if it doesn't work, the parts can be used to help us fix more guitars. As a thank you, Music Store Live will send you a $25 gift cetificate. And don't worry - we'll pay for all the shipping.


Jimi Hendrix once said "Music doesn't lie. If there is something to be changed in this world, then it can only happen through music." I'm not sure I truly ever believed that sentiment until very recently. What would you do without music?


Thank you all very much for your time and efforts. Have a great holiday season.


- Paul Comegno

Guitar Tech,



Donating a guitar is easy!


Step 1 - Acquire an empty guitar box from your local guitar store. Most of they time they are happy to be rid of them.

Step 2 - Email  Subject: Donation. Please provide box dimensions ( L" x H" x W" ), apx. weight, and your address.

Step 3 - You will receive a reply with a label ready to print. Print the label and drop off at your nearest FedEx location. Your $25 MSL Gift Card will be arriving shortly!



To kick things off Music Store Live is donating 12 brand new Fender acoustics!

The MSL employees have even started pulling resources and gathered half a dozen more guitars being rescued from basements and practice spaces this week!

Do you know someone who could benefit from a free guitar this holiday season? We're not talking about experienced players here. We're talking about those who could use a little extra help during the holiday season. Maybe you know someone, young or old, that wants to play the guitar but can't afford one. This holiday season, Music Store Live presents the Guitar Grab Bag Giveaway. We're giving away guitars to people who otherwise would not have the opportunity to get an instrument. The guitars we give away will be free of any major defects, cleaned, freshly restrung and properly set up.

Please tell us in a few words who you would like to see receive a free guitar this holiday season, a little bit about them and why you chose them. A written recommendation will do, but we will also accept a video message emailed from your phone. That way we can show it to the receiver when they get their guitar. They will love seeing that you chose them for this gift!

Don't worry, the shipping is on us. Happy Holidays.


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