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  1. 2003 Taylor 410-L1, Imbuia Back and Sides

    Player's Perspective Music Store Live is proud to present this Taylor 410-L1! Taylor has reached an unmatched level of consistency in the acoustic guitar world. They've dialed in their designs so precisely that it's extremely rare to come across a Taylor that doesn't play wonderfully, sound great and feel like it'll hold up for at least the ne
  2. 2011 Taylor Grand Concert, Walnut Back/Sides, Cedar Top, Built to Order

    Player's Perspective Warm and focused, gentle yet powerful, this guitar combines tonal profiles that usually function independently. There's a detailed, snappy clarity similar to maple, but there's also a mellow richness that really shines through in those tender low-mids. Custom built by Taylor in 2011, this instrument's construction is immac
  3. 2002 Taylor NS72-CE Nylon String Acoustic/Electric

    Player's Perspective This is the perfect guitar for the classical or fingerstyle player who needs amplification or the steel string player looking to branch out into new sounds. The tonal character of this instrument is deep, resonant and lush, great for fingerpicking but equally responsive to strumming and flatpicking. The complex and warm ch
  4. 2007 Taylor GS-K, Grand Symphony Koa

    Player's Perspective Big, bold, and rich, with an unfussy fingerboard and incredible response, this 2007 GS-K from Taylor is the type of acoustic you can have around for the next 30 years. Lively, springy tone leaps out of this instrument, but it doesn't sound like every other acoustic guitar on the planet. The high-end is crisp but never thin
Set Descending Direction

20 per page

4 Item(s)

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