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Why Pintech?

Titanium and aluminum are what our shells are made out of. Our cymbals are made out of the same material that bullet-proof glass is made out of! We don’t mess around, because we don’t expect you to have to.
Electronic drums are quieter than acoustic drums. Some are quieter than others. Pintech is the quietest! With the combination of our mesh heads, and our hollow-bottom design, Pintech makes the quietest drum pads on the market.
Pintech drums feature mesh head technology for the most realistic feel and accuracy. With real tuneable heads that allow you to change the feel and reaction to YOUR style. Don’t settle for rubber or plastic pads!
Pintech offers a limited lifetime warranty on most of our products. This means that you can feel confident in purchasing a Pintech product, and knowing that we will be here for you when you need us.
Pintech is proud to be made in America. Not only do we manufacture and assemble our products in the beautiful Pacific NW, but we also buy many of our parts and materials from American companies! Not many companies can say that!
Some of the largest names in music choose Pintech, because they know that quality is hard to come by these days. Bands like Aerosmith, ZZ Top, Lady Gaga, Linkin Park, Madonna, Def Leppard and more choose Pintech!

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