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  1. PettyJohn Electronics Predrive Studio Guitar Effects Pedal

    Two Discrete Opamp Gain stages Input Gain: Controls input buffer operation level from a Unity buffer to 6 dB of gain Boost Gain: Foot-switchable boost stage, transparently and musically increases the discrete Opamp based preamp gain up to 30 dB with virtually no distortion or artifacts. Console Style Filter Section: Lows Control: Wide-ran
  2. PettyJohn Electronics Fuze Distortion/Fuzz Guitar Effects Pedal

    Two independent circuits running in parallel for huge gain range! Gain 1: Gain knob control for the Distortion circuit offering a range of punchy tones Gain 2: Mini-toggle with 3 gain settings for the Fuzz circuit, including NUKE! Mix: Mix the distortion and fuzz circuits together with the Mix pot. All the way left isolates the Fuzz circuit a
  3. PettyJohn Electronics Lift Buffer/Boost Guitar Effects Pedal

    Discrete Opamp Always-On Buffer with variable input gain Discrete Opamp powered Boost with 9v and 18v gain modes for up to 32 dB of Clean Gain Studio Grade EQ with transparent, wide-range High Cut and Low Cut Filters Filters can be Independently assigned to be Always-On or active in Boost mode only Full Range Frequency response: 20Hz-22kHz, (
  4. PettyJohn Electronics Iron Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

    Wide gain range with 3 wide sweet spot zones: Zone 1: Low Gain Harmonically Rich Preamp/Boost Zone 2: Touch sensitive, Edge of Break Up Zone 3: Fully saturated Lead Channel Overdrive Clean Mix control: Features a warm bypass preamp circuit for adding extra depth and transparency Clipping Selection: Three carefully selected Clipping options f
  5. PettyJohn Electronics PettyDrive V2 Iron and Chime Combo Guitar Effects Pedal

    Wider Tonal Range Improved, Lower Noise Increased Internal Headroom Improved Power Section for 9-18V operation, 100mA NEW Master True Bypass switching NEW External Insert for a vast array of routing options NEW Custom Box • NEW Control Labels Top shelf Audiophile parts for true Studio-Grade Performance in a Pedal Extra JRC4558 chip i
  6. PettyJohn Electronics Chime Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal

    Sorry, the PettyJohn Electronics Chime Overdrive Guitar Effects Pedal is discontinued. This page up for reference only. Look around or give us a call at (866) 256-5725 to speak with us about similar products.
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15 Item(s)

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