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  1. Ampeg Classic Series Micro VR Bass Amp Head, 200 Watts

    Player's Perspective Ampeg's Micro VR is a small amp with an enormous sound. Coming in around 10 pounds and pushing 200 watts, this is the perfect grab-and-go amp for small to medium sized and recording situations. The sound is warm, natural and punchy. The controls offer everything you'll need and nothing that'll get in your way. Despite the
  2. Ampeg BA-115 Bass Combo Amp, 100 Watts

    Player's Perspective Music Store Live is proud to present this Ampeg BA-115 Bass Combo! If you're looking for huge Ampeg tone, but you're also looking for something that you can carry from gig to gig without an entire road crew, this BA-115 is the way to go. Plenty loud enough for small to medium sized gigs, this bass combo features an intuiti
  3. Ampeg BA-112 Bass Combo Amp, 50 Watts

    Player's Perspective Music Store Live is proud to present this Ampeg BA-112 Bass Combo! This is the perfect medium sized combo amp for practicing, recording and small to medium sized gigs. It puts out classic Ampeg tone that'll work wonders for a whole variety of styles. The amount of on-board tone sculpting options is very impressive - you ca
  4. Ampeg BA-108 Bass Combo Amp, 25 Watts

    Player's Perspective Music Store Live is proud to present this Ampeg BA-108 Bass Combo! Perfect for the beginning bassist or anyone who needs a small and convenient amp to practice with, this BA-108 will help you dial in your low end sound. It's a small amp, but the sound is all there: Punchy and articulate lows, clean mids and smooth highs. T
  5. Ampeg Classic Series SVT-210AV

    Player's Perspective A lot of bass players have a similar problem: How do you get SVT tone without SVT weight? The folks over at Ampeg are no stranger to this issue. The SVT-210AV bass cab will help you get that dynamic, punchy SVT warmth, but without enough power (and weight) to play MSG. It's perfect for small to medium sized gigs and never
  6. Ampeg Classic Series Micro CL Stack Bass Amp Head/Cab, 100 watts

    Player's Perspective Small size, huge sound. While a lot of companies offer "practice amps" that feel kind of like toys compared to their "real amps," Ampeg has done a great job of simply shrinking their core amp line without sacrificing tone or features. This amp and cab package is ideal for the practice room, the bedroom, and even the studio
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