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  1. Fender American Standard Jazz Bass V 5 String, Maple, Black, 193752706

    Beautifully crafted with versatile extended range, this is the U.S.-made flagship of the Jazz Bass lineup in powerful five-string form. For the bassist who wants to go deeper, the American Standard Jazz Bass V is the one, delivering dynamic five-string depth and design with smooth, fast feel and unmistakable Jazz Bass tone that sings, snarls, groov...

  2. Warwick Custom Shop Streamer CV 5 String Bass, Nirvana Black HP

    Player's Perspective

    Warwick's German-made Streamer CV offers unrivaled craftsmanship, an exquisitely smooth playing experience, and a rich, versatile voice that'll thrive in a whole variety of musical styles. This instrument radiates that custom shop vibe: It's perfectly bal...

  3. Warwick Custom Shop Thumb Bolt On 5 String Bass, Natural Oil Finish

    Player's Perspective

    This German-made 5 string Thumb Bolt On from the Warwick Custom Shop has an enormous voice, an easy playing neck and stripped down but beautiful styling. The sound is equal parts warm, punchy and dynamic, with powerful on-board tone controls that'll let y...

  4. Warwick German Pro Series Corvette Ash, Passive, 5-String, Nirvana Black OFC

    Player's Perspective

    Warwick’s new Pro Series instruments are made entirely in Germany – in the same factory where Warwick’s highest-end, most souped up models are built. The Pro Series was always good, but now it reflects a new standard of...

  5. Spector Euro5LX 5-String Bass, Ultra Amber Gloss, Quilt Top, Bartolini Pickups

    • Spector Euro5 LX 5-String
    • USA Quilt Maple Top
    • European Alder Wings, Walnut Middle Body
    • 3-Piece Maple Neck with Graphite Rods
    • 35" Scale Length
    • 16" Radius...
  6. Ernie Ball Music Man Bongo 5 HS 5-String Bass, Tangerine Pearl, Rosewood Board

    • Music Man Bongo 5 HS
    • 5 String Bass 
    • Tangerine Pearl
    • Basswood Body
    • Select Maple Neck
    • Rosewood Fretboard
    • <...>
  7. G&L USA JB-5 5-String Bass, Clear Red, Maple Board w/Black Blocks

    • G&L USA JB-5 Bass
    • Clear Red
    • Swamp Ash Body
    • Hard-rock Maple Neck
    • G&L Modern C5 Neck Shape - Exclusive to the Kiloton 5 and JB-5. 1.775" nut width, generous edge ...
  8. Mike Lull TC5 5-String Bass, Candy Apple Orange, Birdseye Maple Board, Aguilar Electronics, Less Than 9lbs

    • Mike Lull Custom TC5
    • Candy Apple Orange
    • Swamp Ash Body
    • Maple Neck (with Graphite Reinforcements)
    • Birdse...
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Items 1 to 20 of 39 total

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