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3Leaf Audio Octabvre Mini Octave Bass Pedal

3Leaf Audio Octabvre Mini Octave Bass Pedal

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Player's Perspective

For many bassists, the old OC-2 pedals made in Japan are a sort of holy grail. You can find used ones online for several hundreds of dollars, but the brilliant mind of Spencer at 3Leaf Audio has given us an alternative. The Octabvre (pronounced "octave") is an octaver and a synth-machine all packed into one box. After working closely with world renowned bassist Tim Lefebvre, 3Leaf came up with this awesome pedal - a miniaturized version of their Octabvre MKii. The tone knob, when all the way counter clockwise is very true to a vintage OC-2 sound. As you turn the tone knob clockwise, the tone becomes fuzzier and more aggressive and starts to open up and fill out more of the frequency spectrum. Just that one knob alone gives you tons of versatility. The Mix knob lets you decide how much or how little of your dry signal you want to come through when you play. Completely remove your dry signal for a full-on synth tone, have the octave effect subtly gliding under your lead lines, go for a 50/50 mix, or anything in between.

Manufacturer's Description

The Octabvre Mini is a modified and miniaturized version of the Octabvre that was designed for bass player and effects guru Tim Lefebvre. It starts with the popular Tim-tuning mod from the original and takes it further with a reworked tone knob that runs the gamut from classic OC-2-inspired thump to all-out sub fuzz. The new tone knob blends together two independent tone circuits. With the tone knob fully counterclockwise, the Octabvre Mini is a functional equivalent of the classic Boss OC-2 Octaver. As the tone knob is turned up, a fuzzy square wave version of the octave down circuit is introduced.

Volume - Overall output volume. Unity gain is around 12 o’clock.

Mix - Variable blend between your dry signal and the octave down signal. Fully clockwise removes the dry signal from the circuit.

Tone - The sound quality of the octave down signal. Fully counter-clockwise is a functional equivalent of the classic OC-2 circuit. As the tone knob is turned up, the sound becomes fuzzier and starts to take up more of the frequency spectrum.

Bypass - Relay-based silent true bypass will automatically switch to bypass mode if power is lost.

Tracking Note - The Octabvre is an analog monophonic octaver. This means it can only track one note at a time, and playing chords will result in glitchy behavior (which you might find desirable!). Tracking is affected greatly by technique, pickups, strings and dead spots on the neck. For best results, play cleanly and use your instrument’s neck pickup. Tracking is best when the Octabvre is as close to the beginning of the signal chain as possible, before any fuzz or modulation effects that might confuse the tracking circuit.

Overall Condition

This 3Leaf Audio Octabvre Mini is in brand new pristine mint condition with no nicks, scratches, or blemishes.


  • 3Leaf Audio Octabvre Mini
  • Octaver
  • Volume, Mix, Tone Knobs
  • 9V DC Compatible (not included)
  • Relay-Based Silent True Bypass

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